Play it Loud

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Gender equality is a fundamental human right but the music and the cultural sector still struggle to meaningfully foster an environment where women and people who identify as nonbinary or members of the LGBTIQ+ community feel equal. Everywhere in the world, adolescents easily fall into established gender roles, even when it comes to music: girls primarily sing, while boys play instruments or do technical tasks.

“Play it Loud!” uses music and creative expression to engage and empower those young people who experience or have experienced discrimination because of their gender identity and expression, empowering them to challenge inequalities, care for each other better, work in solidarity, learn together and advocate for their rights.


  • To amplify the voices of young girls and underrepresented youth through engagement in music-making and free creative expression
  • To enhance the meaningful participation of underrepresented youth by promoting their creativity and their freedom of expression, as well as building their personal and professional competences 
  • To enable underrepresented youth to play active roles in society by providing opportunities for social and civic engagement and intercultural dialogue across Europe
  • To foster gender mainstreaming, equality and inclusive, safe environments in the youth & music sector, by building the capacities of its key stakeholders (organizations, trainers, facilitators, youth workers, youth)


  • JM Norway
  • JM Belgium
  • Euro-Arab Youth Music Centre - EAYMC (Cyprus)
  • JM Hungary
  • JM Macedonia
  • Songlines (Sweden)
  • International Music Council - IMC (France)


  • Research Study on Equity, Gender and Freedom of Expression best practices in Youth and Music organizations across Europe 
  • Pedagogical guidelines and recommendations on mainstreaming Equity, Gender and Freedom of Expression in Youth and Music activities
  • Practical Toolkit & Checklist on implementing and facilitating activities to promote Equity, Gender Equality & Freedom of Expression in Youth and Music